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Here are some need-to-know facts about area rugs

Area rugs are an excellent accessory for any home and can serve multiple purposes. Offering both elegance and protection, you'll appreciate everything they can do for you. You may wonder why you hadn't considered them already.

These pieces are incredibly durable, especially underneath heavy pieces of furniture. They'll protect your floors from the damage the weight could do by taking on the brunt of the weight.

If you're only using them for decorative pieces, you'll have plenty of looks to choose from, including bright colors, patterns, and various fiber options for the longest lifespan. You'll easily match your existing decor from the extensive options available.

Let your area rugs protect your flooring

In addition to keeping your floors safe from denting due to furniture legs, it can protect in other ways too. When placed in areas where guests come inside from directly outdoors, it can catch dirt and debris that could ultimately scratch your hard surface flooring.

That same debris can also find its way to your carpet, where it can get crushed into the fibers to create stains and odors. Area rugs are as effective in protecting carpet as they are at protecting hard surfaces.

When used in high traffic spaces, area rugs protect your flooring in Wesley Chapel, FL from excessive wear, crushing, and stains. Choose the perfect size and shape to complement your decor for a stunning look while also gaining access to the flooring protection you need.
All our area rugs are "made to order" using the latest technologies. We offer are rug binding at $3.50 per LF. Area rug binding is when a cloth tape is sewn onto the edges to create your custom area rug. We also offer custom area rugs done with surging or latex. If interested in these options, please request more info on options and pricing at the time of order.

Area rugs, for a gorgeous home

One of the nicest things about choosing area rugs for your flooring in Land O' Lakes, FL is the extensive appearance options you'll have access to. Bold colors and patterns paired with excellent fibers like nylon, polyester, and wool provide the perfect accents.

Remember that you can choose area rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes too. What's more, their mobility means that you can move them between rooms for variety. Switching them from one room to another makes it feel as if you've purchased brand new flooring.

Let us help find the perfect area rugs for you

E&W Carpets serves the areas of Lutz, Land O' Lakes, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Hillsborough County, FL, all from our Lutz, FL showroom. With a great selection of flooring to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your next flooring project here. Visit us at your convenience.