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Why choose ceramic & porcelain for your home?

Many homeowners are uncertain about whether or not ceramic & porcelain tile are a good fit for their home's flooring. The good news is, these materials work out perfectly in an extensive selection of spaces and would likely be perfect for your home as well.

Both of these materials have tons of benefits that help solidify their versatility in the flooring world. For example, they add a classic timelessness and stay current through a variety of trends. They also come in such an extensive array of appearance options, they match any decor.

Characteristics that make ceramic & porcelain stand out

Ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles are often spoken of as if they are the same product. There are many similarities, but each has its own set of characteristics.

Porcelain is constructed with the highest quality materials, is extremely dense and water-resistant, and offers a through-body color scheme that makes cracks and chips nearly invisible. Extremely durable, they're perfect for high-traffic locations.

Ceramic offers an excellent construction as well but lacks the through-body color. Just slightly less dense than porcelain, it's still a durable product for areas that highly traveled. Often covered with brightly colored liquid glass glazes, it's perfect for decorating.

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Both ceramic & porcelain can be glazed or unglazed and used in nearly every room in the home. Thanks to a variety of format options, from postage stamp size and up, they complement a variety of decor.

Designs can range from solid colors and patterns to intricate mosaics that can be as unique as you like. What's more, these pieces can also be used in countertops, backsplashes, and walls to accent your flooring in Wesley Chapel, FL and take it to the next level.

Make sure you speak to an associate about professional installation for your ceramic & porcelain floor tiles. Our experienced team can make quick work of your tile installation, leaving you with a gorgeous, long-lasting floor covering.

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