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Performed by experts to minimize your business downtime

E&W Carpets understands that commercial work is time constrained because the customer’s business needs to be operating as soon as possible. E&W Carpets specializes in commercial work for any size project. We provide high quality flooring products and professional services for businesses of every type. Our state-licensed and insured installers are expertly trained to work quickly and efficiently. We are 100% committed to making your business Shine with Success and be ready to resume serving customers as quickly as possible.

Professional results with commercial work by E&W Carpets

E&W Carpets knows that selecting a provider based solely upon a bargain price if often a bad idea. While it is understandable that saving money is always an attractive idea, especially for businesses on a limited budget, it can cost more money and create unwanted problems in the end. Cheap service usually means that mistakes will happen and the products may not work the way they should. That’s one reason why many flooring product manufacturers refuse to honor their product warranties unless the products were installed by professionals. You may end up spending more money to repair fixing what was not done properly the first time.
Here are some things that set our commercial work apart from the ‘bargain’ providers:

  • Guaranteed commercial work by licensed & insured installers
  • Products that are beautiful, durable and long lasting
  • Thorough inspections before new installations
  • Competitive flat rates that are never raised by adding extra costs
  • Fast, efficient work

E&W Carpets design advisors will make it easier for you to plan your project in advance. Our experienced installation team knows how to proceed before the commercial work begins, no matter what new products you are installing. This really simplifies buying the correct products, arranging delivery, and installing them on time. Planning ahead also helps you to be prepared for any unexpected problems that might arise. Typical problems often include: missing equipment; incorrect flooring area measurements; arranging for necessary financing, and others. When you choose E&W Carpets to provide our professional commercial services, we handle all these things so that you won’t have to.

E&W Carpets provides products and commercial services for businesses in Lutz, Land O' Lakes, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel and other nearby Florida areas. If you need additional information about our commercial products or services, phone us, e-mail us, or stop by at our Showroom in Lutz, FL when that is convenient for you, to discuss your interest in commercial work with one of our experienced consultants.